Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where else would they go?

This past week was a whirlwind of cake baking and activity, and this week began no less insane.

I'll spare you all the whining about all I had to do yesterday, but just bring you in at the point where I was getting the house ready for dinner guests.

I decided to clean the bathrooms (always a good idea) and after cleaning the master/guest toilet, I trudged on to the kids bathroom to clean their toilet. I lifted the lid, and here is what I found:

There are so many things that go through my mind when I look at this photo.

1. Why? I mean, really.

2. Have we seriously lived here for 8 years and not changed that hideous pink toilet seat?

3. Gotta love the 70's

4. I cannot believe I am showing my toilet to anyone perusing the world wide web.

Have a great day and may all your toilets be empty.


  1. Ha! SO funny! I guess this is just one of many "fun" things I have to look forward to when I have kids.

  2. Here's what goes through my mind when I look at that picture:

    Dang, you mean I could use the toilet as extra storage space?

  3. I was helping one child and heard the other in the bathroom today. I listened closely and heard water running. I quickly ran to find the toilet overflowing and overflowing!
    I simply exclaimed "Oh Dear Jesus!" It's a prayer really. It means Help me make it through another day!


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