Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obsession in a Box

Ok.  Everybody is doing it.  I might as well throw in my two cents.

Mr. Wonderful has a new food obsession (and I agree it is delightful.)  I am very grateful for the BOGO at Publix this week so that I can fuel his addiction.

Parmesan and Basil Wheat Thins
They are a big ol' flavor party in your mouth.
Remember Wheat Thins of the past?  
Nice little square crunch, but needing a little cheese ball or artichoke dip to give it a little zip.

No longer.  
Now the little one dimensional cube stands completely on its own. 
I mean, as if Parmesan wasn't enough...basil!!!!!  Hands down my favorite herb!   
God bless the Italians for combining it with so many yummy ingredients.
And God bless Nabisco for churning out box after box and to the truck fleet that drives them to the store and to the cracker stackers that put them on the get the idea.

Anyway, they are good.  We think you should like them too.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Does Rachel Ray have a recipe for lamb shank?

I am just going to admit that this year's Passion Week is not nearly as organized as last year's.
Last Year's Over-ambitious celebration

I didn't plan well (story of my life) and am trying desperately to catch up.  But despite my lack of organization, today I ordered an Easter gift for Daddy's Girl on (which hopefully will be here before Sunday), picked up gifts for Little Prince and Sunshine and a few little things for their baskets.  I finally got all of my necessities for our Passover Seder even though we officially should have observed last night and The Prince of Egypt happened to show up from Netflix today, perfect timing.

I absolutely love symbolism.  God speaks to me daily through object lessons and parables and I for that reason I am absolutely in love with Passover.  There is so much involved and it is really beautiful.
 However, I have had to lower my expectations as to how expansive our little family observance will be.  First of all, I didn't find a family friendly "script" for it last year and have been busy the past 364 days since and didn't write my own.  (On the list for next year.)

Plus, I am dealing with an elementary age child and a husband who likes to just cut to the chase about things and deal in black and white, simple facts.  No flowery imagery or digging deep to get to the marrow of things, just the simple Truth.  (Please don't mistake that for a backhanded insult Mr. Wonderful, but you would admit that is true.)  And folks, Passover, it is all about imagery. 

But tonight was really very beautiful.  Daddy's Girl, who is much like her father in her love for short, sweet explanations, was really excited to help me set the table and was very reverent as she listened and participated in the observance.  At the end of the Seder, we asked what hymn or praise song she would like to sing and she suggested "Jesus Loves Me." It was about that time that we had an "escapee" from the nursery join us and we all sang together.  After that Mr. Wonderful prayed and we were done.  No great drawn out service or anything.  Just a simple remembrance of a very beautiful story that has woven itself into our very lives.

So for all the lack of planning and the insanity of this house, it was a great night, 
I loved it and I am looking forward to the rest of this week as we celebrate:
a God that stuffed Himself into mortality
and dwelt with us in our rank condition
and sacrificed His life and poured out His blood of infinite worth
so that I, a very worthless creature in my own right,
could sit with Him at His royal table forever and ever and ever
because that brings Him great joy!
(Phil. 2:8, John 1:14, Rev. 5:9, Rom. 7:24, Rev. 19:9, Heb. 12:2-my interpretation)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Randomness is a state of my mind

(1) naps
I need them.
I want them.
I crave them.
I am very angry if you disturb them.
I would like my preschoolers to feel the same.
They do not.

They do not need them.
They do not want them.
They do not crave them.
And they are very angry if I attempt to enforce them.
They would like me to feel the same.

We are going to have to agree to disagree.

(2) "zealousy"
My dad always picked at me about my random zealous nature. It is true. I become interested in something and it transforms me into an obsessed lunatic. Mountain climbing, becoming a train-hopping hobo, writing (a blog, an article, the next great American novel, whatever), cake decorating, crocheting, sewing, blogging, repurposing, baking, many interests have come and gone. I wonder if I will ever settle on just one or if it is my personal make-up to just float from interest to interest forever.

(3) caffine
It is not my friend.  Besides the fact that I don't need to be any more "hopped-up" than I am, all of the sudden it leaves me feeling quite hung over.  I don't like this at all.  I have never had a Red Bull and am pretty sure I never will as it will leave me absolutely ruined (after a 5-hour cleaning rampage).

I like it.  I don't have it.  Learning to live with the fact. 

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