Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Looking for input

This has been a crazy-busy few weeks since I last posted.  Mr.  Wonderful is still on the job hunt.  I am now on the job hunt.  Summer is on its final lap and life is just in general...nuts!

In the midst of getting back into my former life of sales/marketing/communications, I have realized that I am going to have to stop fighting Twitter. 

I have stayed away for fear that my children might not even get fed if I take up one more past time.  However,  it looks like this Twitter thing might actually catch on, and it would probably behoove me to get on board.

So, as you know, when you twitter you much come up with a username. 

For me, this is a big deal.  Since it will be tied in with this blog, I don't want to use my name (for privacy sake).  I don't want to sound like a hillbilly, I'm not one of those gridiron-graduates who names their children after the school mascot and I hate to say it, but my entire identity is not just my (albeit very important and precious) role as a mother.

So Mr. Wonderful and I have labored over what my eternal username will be.  Which made me look at this blog.  @awomanamanandaminivan is just too long!  And anyway, I'm not completely crazy about the name, layout or format. 

Here is where you come in.  I need to know from you the readers and/or fellow bloggers.  Is it too late to change the name of my blog and my identity?  Is that like death to a blog?  I'm a pretty small blog after all. 

Your thoughts?

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