Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I didn't know laminate came in extra crunchy

An absolute fact of the parenting universe is that normal household items take on a new texture and look post-children.

My floors.
That's right.  And all you parents of pre-schoolers are living it and those of you who have already raised your little ones are having flashbacks just reading this.

Goldfish, graham crackers and, of course, Cheerios.  God bless them.

You get up to make your coffee and feel that crunch under your feet and you don't even have to look.
You know that what was 2 seconds ago a simple "lean over and pick up", is now a "get out the broom or dust buster."

No matter how much I sweep or vacuum, it is all in vain as my toddlers, like modern-day Hansel & Gretel, leave a trail of whatever snack they were consuming throughout the house.

I've tried to fight it, but I am convinced it is a battle I just won't win.  And they know it too, those little orange fish.  That's why they are smiling.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marketing sells

(Disclaimer:  This is a post I wrote a month or so ago.)

We have all seen the commercials.

And ladies, I'm going to tell you that is pretty much how it goes. 
Can I get a witness?
I can survive all day on a banana and cup of yogurt,
but when the kiddos go to bed and I'm left alone in front of the TV,
oh mercy! 


Well, I happened to have a coupon for Special K
and they were BOGO this week at Publix,
so I took a shot at it and I will say...pretty stinkin' good.

I mean, the chocolate doesn't taste just like chocolate, but the flakes are crunchy, sweet
and just chocolaty enough to get me over my craving.
I love to eat it without milk because, well, it lasts longer
and I need my snack to last through the entire show or at least 3/4 of my movie (testify?).  

So this little snack has captured my heart.
For about 120-150 calories I can munch away and not go to bed feeling completely defeated. 
Now I just need extra coupons,
because I have a feeling that this affection
is not going to wane anytime soon.
(hint, hint Kellogg's)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Momma told me to

I'm a firstborn.  By nature I am a rule-follower and a people-pleaser. 

You are probably noticing that there are wayyyyyy more posts here at AWAMAM than usual.  The reason is two-fold. 

First, the path God has led us to is nothing if not unpredictable.  I need an outlet.

Second, my mom wants me to write.  She wants me to publish a series of best-sellers, but we are going to set our sights a little lower dear Momma and aim for a mildly entertaining blog.  Ok?

So bear with me and my ramblings.  I'm a UA graduate and a Bama football fan and around here when "Momma" speaks, you listen.

(Hush Momma...sometimes you listen.)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father knows best.

To say that I have been blessed with fathers in my life would be a monumental understatement.

God, for reasons known only to Him, has chosen to place amazing men into every "father" role in my life. (I apologize for not having pictures, but if I tried at this point to locate them, I'd never get this posted on Father's Day.)

To begin with, I had a most amazing Daddy.   I have so many great memories of rides in his red truck on Saturdays listening to country music and just talking.   Lots of in-the-car-talking memories.  He was attentive, encouraging and affectionate.  He was a great lover of traditions and of relationships.  And the beach.  He was a confidant and adviser to many friends.  He was a coach in so many areas of life.  He was not perfect.  But love covers a multitude of sins, and he gave (and received) lots of it.  He loved Jesus and God's wisdom.  He was an amazing teacher.  He love me and adored Mr. Wonderful.  He went home to be with Jesus over 7 years ago and I cannot wait to see him again.

I had a precious maternal grandfather.  The phrase, "a prince among men", epitomized Grandaddy.  He was faithful.  He was humble.   He worked hard and always did his best.  He loved to laugh and it was infectious.  He had an amazing smile and it lives on through his daughter.  I inherited one of his Bibles and although he was not "preachy" with his words, the well-worn pages of the Book and the notes and highlights give testimony as to why his life was such a powerful sermon on living out the Gospel.  I have never known a man like him.  I will hug his neck right after I hug my Daddy's.

I have a fabulous paternal grandfather, Papa.  He has this great deep voice that is so comforting as he reads from the Gospel of Luke at Christmas and is quite intimidating when we did something that Papa didn't approve of.  He absolutely adores his great-grandchildren and is an active part of their life, filling in for the grandfather they are missing.  He is a patient listener to our problems and a consistent compass pointing us back to our Savior and God's Word.  He is a faithful prayer warrior and a fierce mexican dominoes player.  He works hard around the house and cooks a mean pot of cheese grits.  His presence in my life is one of God's greatest graces to me.  I treasure every minute I get to spend with him.

I have a tremendous father-in-law.  You read correctly.  I have been blessed with a fantastic relationship with my father-in-law.  He married me to Mr.  Wonderful. literally.  He buys me diamonds.  He calls me and says, "What do you think about driving to Florida?"  And he means me and the children.  And we go.  And we still like each other when we get back (even though it is about a 20 hour round trip.)  I remember his compassion on the phone the night Daddy died.  He understood.  He is tough and gruff, but mostly for show.  He is thoughtful and sensitive and delights in his grandchildren. And even though he acts like he's gonna let them have it if they don't walk the line, he wouldn't.  He loves his son and misses his wife.  He is a wonderful man who raised a wonderful son and I am thankful to call him "Dad."

My children's father is an unbelievable mix of all the above.  He is so very intentional about being the best he can be.  He is very much like my Daddy in that he doesn't quite understand what to do with early adolescence, but he is doing better than he thinks.  He makes time to play with the kids even when he would rather do something else.  He loves traditions (also, like my father) and time with his family.  He loves wisdom.  He is like my Grandaddy in that he's not "preachy" in his speech, but he lives out his faith and convictions.  He is a strong, secure presence like my Papa. 

But there are so many other things that make him amazing to me.  Like how he dances with Daddy's Girl at weddings.  How I get to see a glimpse of him as a child in Little Prince's sweet smile.  How even though he did NOT want to have more than two children, Sunshine delights him with her capricious nature and contagious smile.  He cares so deeply for all of us, and although most the time I am too close to notice all the wonderful things about him, he is the best husband and father we could ever ask for.

Of course there is one more father in my life, my heavenly Father.  All the good that I have experienced from each of my "father's" is only a hint of His love and grace and goodness.  Each of these men is flawed in some way.  We all are.  But my Heavenly Father is perfect, and He has never, nor will He ever disappoint me, hurt me, leave me, betray me or stop loving me. 

Thank you God for being my father and for surrounding me with more than I could ask for from the fathers in my life.  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

10 Girlfriends Every Woman Should Have

1.  That friend who will get very nervous when you say you are thinking about getting a little nose stud (at 36) and then will call you later on that day to tell you that she is sorry if she over-reacted and you are a grown woman who can do as you like.  She also will get very concerned  when you start talking about noticing how good-looking the young men there are in this college town, but will later call and tell you that she has figured it out.  That women our age are hitting a certain peak and it is normal (however she will be all in your business if you go any further than noticing.)  I love her "after-she's-been-thinking" phone calls.

2.  That friend, who no matter how long you wait, will not tell you how good you look or smart you are or anything else like that because she knows that sometimes you need a good ol' dose of "get-over-thyself."

3.  That friend who has known you most of your life.  Has let you borrow underwear.  That dated your boyfriend and is still around long after he isn't.  Has stood at your wedding and you at hers.  Has traveled with you and still likes to hang around you.  Has maintained that friendship whether from states or countries away.  Who will always be your biggest fan and you, hers.

4.  That friend that will get up at 5:30am to go "run" with you (which actually turns out to be a brisk walk because if you run, you can't talk about your life, your husband, your kids, etc.)  That totally gets the insanity of your house and is at ease in the chaos thereby making you more at ease with the chaos. 

5.  That friend that will happily give you the very clothes out of her closet (that make your daughter think you are a rock star).  Who has lived with you and still enjoys hanging out with you.  Who, besides just being infinitely cooler than you are, is just an amazing person.  Who knows all sorts of confidentialities of your past life and will take them TO THE GRAVE.  Who tried to make you believe that guy was really into you in college, when you know the truth is he was just after her the whole time.

6.  That very thoughtful friend who reminds you to think of others first.  Who brings you fresh veggies and thinks that they don't make a difference to the challenges you are facing, when really they do.  And who is always thinking of new ways to be helpful.  Always.

7.  That young friend who makes you feel so much smarter than you know you are.  Whose enthusiasm for life is just infectious.  Who loves your kids and actually wants to hang out with you and your family and be a part of it.  Who reminds you that the "next generation" sometimes gets an undeserved bad rap.

8.  That friend that you never really seem to get to spend much time with, but always has the right thing to say at the right time.  Who is there to just make the path a little brighter.

9.  That slightly further-up-the-ladder friend who still paints her toenails blue/violet.  Tells you to shut up so your husband can hear God talking.  Constantly pushes you just a little further into looking at your true self than you really wanted to go.  That has been there, done that and can't wait for you to see the view from her rung.  And gives you books to read when she knows the only time you will be able to read them is on the toilet if you lock the door. (or I guess you could read instead of blogging.)

10.  That friend who has raised her children and now laughs at your stories as you raise yours.  Who injects wisdom and relief into your heart in the most gentle and effortless way.   Who despite the years difference, is an absolute kindred spirit. 

I hope you have these friends and more.  I do.  They are priceless.

Friday, June 17, 2011

There is no twelve step program...

The premise of a blog is that I can write about what I like, right?

Ok, you knew it was coming.

Bollywood movies.  

I'm sorry, but they are like crack to me.  
My family and friends are about ready for an intervention.  

One of my favorites 
(and one that Mr. Wonderful will admit is pretty good) 
is I Hate Luv Storys.

It stars Imran Khan

and Sonam Kapoor
(Gee, wonder why Mr.  Wonderful doesn't mind watching.)

The premise is that this guy, Jay (played by Khan), is trying to get into the film industry, but hates working on the predictable love stories with which Bollywood is often associated.  The girl, Simran (played by Kapoor), is a set designer and is all about the love story.  (Basically, it is Mr. Wonderful and I, minus the film industry careers.)  Simran's betrothed, Raj, is the absolute perfect leading man in her own real life version.  Until (duhm, duhm, duhm) she meets Jay.  It is pretty much like most Hollywood chick-flicks, but with music and, did I mention,

Imran Khan.

I've been a big musical fan ever since I was a little girl.  I was raised on them.  And in Bollywood, it is all about the music and dance.  It's like the 30's and 40's in Hollywood for me all over again.  Of course Rosemary Clooney never bellydanced or wore a sari 
and Gene Kelly never smoldered or sang in Hindi.  
But anyway, here's a sample from the movie.  Judge for yourself.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

20 Random Thoughts from a Mom Hopped up on Dt. Coke

1.  Pesto.  Dear Lord, I love it!

2.  Thinks my girlfriends are the greatest.  I don't know who yours are, but mine are better.  I promise.

3.   I am a complete failure right now when it comes to focus.   I cannot follow through on any one project in my home.

4.  Indian women (at least in the movies) have the most gorgeous hair.  I googled their secret and since I don't have coconut oil have been substituting olive oil.  Toss me with some lettuce and I'm a salad.

5.  I am loving the stage Daddy's Girl is in right now.  She is hilarious and loves to hang out with me.  Holding onto this stage with Chuck Norris fierceness.

6.  My husband's current employment has begun taking effect on his body.  In a good way.  I may never let him go back to a desk job.

7.  My husband's current employment has begun taking effect on his body.  In a bad way.  It is possible that he will be using a walker before he is 45.

8.  I am so glad that blogger randomly saves your post or else this one would have been history.  You may not be so grateful.

9.  I think of about 5 different things to blog about everyday, but by the time everyone is in bed I cannot write my own name.

10.  Every time I have been in Target lately the guy that gets in line behind me is one of those that makes you involuntarily go, "Oh.  My!"  Involuntarily.  I may not go to Target anymore. 

11.  There is no point in vacuuming anymore.  Instead I think I will just get up in the morning and sprinkle crushed cereal or goldfish all over the carpets.

12.  Mr. Wonderful installed a chain lock on the back door without being prodded.  I love him more every time I look at it.

13.  It appears I am going back to work, and I can't figure out how to work miracles on a grocery budget or knows all the tricks for removing red dirt stains into my resume.  I also know the exact amount of holding time a diaper has before it leaks and I can drive to Florida and back with only one hand on the wheel and the other serving snacks and beverages to all the passengers in coach of the minivan like the most talented airline attendant, however that has not appeared on any of the job descriptions I have seen.

14.  I would not stomp my feet and huff near as much if God would just SHOW me the plan.

15.  God does not have to SHOW me the plan.

16.  Mom's of preschoolers can only tan their arms.  Never their legs.  Even when in a bathing suit.

17.  I carefully guarding my birthday money until my dear friend/college roomate/stylist can get to town to help me shop.  I do not trust myself.

18.  There are moments of brilliant discoveries every day.  My friend just told me that BullFrog has a sunscreen/bugspray combo.  This deserves some sort of award.

19. While looking at a job application, I was asked to fill in the month/DAY/and year for each of my past employment start and stop dates.  Are you kidding me?  I couldn't remember Little Prince and Sunshine's birthdates while filling out paperwork the other day.  Seriously. 

20.  You may or may not know I have an obsession with India and Indian movies, but you must know that when my little stats domaflodger tells me that I have had people from India view my blog I am absolutely euphoric!  Shout out!

I have missed writing.  I still have Dt. Coke left.  See you soon!

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