Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Queen Momma-rant

I cannot help it. I have the need for the occasional rant. You might not agree with it. I might change my opinion someday, but there are things that frankly just get on my nerves.

Car window statements that make no sense. Now I mean no disrespect with this because the events leading to this message being emblazoned across the back of someone's pimped out SUV were absolutely devastating for sure and my heart goes out to them and their loss. With that disclaimer, I'll explain. We were driving behind said SUV and read "So-and-so, birthdate and death date." (obviously the real info I am withholding). Below this were the words that make no sense to me.
"Ride together." "Die together." Obviously so-and-so was tragically killed in some sort of motor accident. Tragic, absolutely. What I do not understand is that obviously the credo was not lived up to because someone that was "riding together" with so-and-so was still alive to be driving the car. It's their car, they can put what they wish. I'm just saying it doesn't make sense.

The Alabama A Swiffer. Mr. Wonderful took me on an impromptu date tonight to the UA basketball exhibition game and we had a blast. It was fun. The team plays with energy and focus, and Coleman Coliseum was lit up like a Christmas tree. But I've gotta tell you, they've got giant swiffers to sweep up the court with the Alabama logo on them. Is that really necessary? On a swiffer? There are logos and catchy Bama names for everything. Enough already. I informed my husband that it may be necessary for him to create a "Tribe" logo so that I can post it on EVERYTHING in our house. Including the officially registered "Tribe" swiffer.

Speaking of logos on everything, we were informed by a source that would know, that there are logos on the toilet drains in the locker rooms in one of the facilities. Seriously? My rant here ties into both of my previous rants. 1. Is that really what they meant to say? It's not a positive message people. And 2. MUST WE PUT IT ON EVERYTHING?!!!!! Surely there is a line we have crossed when we feel the need to put a logo in our toilets.

Anyway, it is after 1 AM and I should stop. Good night.

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