Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thank you Parker Brothers for this magical family moment.

Anyone who has ever been involved with my husband in anything in which there was a winner will appreciate this story.

Our oldest loves to play board games with Mr. Wonderful and I. Mr. W loves to squash any opponent no matter the age or shared DNA. Me, I just love the banter that goes with time spent together, because I'm a sensitive and intentional parent. (Are you impressed?)

On this particular Friday, the three of us had gathered around a game of "Sorry." Now, Mr. W was not in a great mood to begin with (you weren't honey) and so everytime Daddy's Girl would get sidetracked (which was often) or slow down the game, he became increasingly less....cuddly. Not helping with his mood was the fact that whenever she was faced with the choice of which parent to send home or sabotage, she would choose dear ole Dad. I however had 3 of my 4 men in the SAFETY ZONE with the last man about 4 spaces away. DG drew a "Sorry" card, which as you know means she can take a pawn from here START and bump an opponents pawn back to START. Two guesses as to who she sent packing. Well this was the final straw and Mr. W "pointed out", "Do you realize that your Mom had most of her pieces in the SAFETY ZONE and the other is almost there?!!!" "But she's my mom!", my precious firstborn replied. To which he retorted with a huff. Assessing the situation and emotions and underlying motivations as she is so prone to do, DG looks at her father and explains, "There's no trophy Dad." To which he had to laugh.

*The game progressed and Mr. W won and did all but perform the victory dance on the table stamping the pawns of all his opponents. It is sick that he gets this much fulfillment from annihilating children's board game victory dreams. (Bring your shirt to the laundry dear, I've become a whiz at removing bus tire marks.)

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