Tuesday, April 13, 2010

7 minutes

I have seven minutes to write.

I have two incomplete posts about our Holy Week Activities.

I have dishes in the sink and lots of laundry to do.

I have to get the kids outdoors in seven minutes because it is gorgeous outside.

I want to tell you about everything that has been going on in my mind the past few weeks, but like I used to tell my Dad, "It would make you dizzy."

I had the most amazing and exhausting Saturday. I went to the memorial service of the father of a friend and was so deeply moved by so many aspects. The tribute to this man I didn't really know. The strength and determination of my friend in the face of some amazing obstacles. The beauty and peace of ceremony.

I also spent that evening talking with three really beautiful and amazing women about all things "woman." And I came home to a clean house, clean (and sleeping) children and a precious husband who kept it all together.

I have three minutes left.

I am falling in love with God and desiring so much more from my relationship with Him than I have settled for in the past.

I am loving being outdoors and seeing the amazing display of spring.

Two minutes.

I am reveling in new-found friendships and how much I really do enjoy hanging with other women! (Who knew!)

I am wondering what to write next. But I'm in the last 30 seconds so I will have to think about that OUTSIDE! Have an amazing day. My time is up.

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