Thursday, April 1, 2010

The latest on Holy Week with the Tribe

Merciful heavens!  (shout out to Preacherman and Miss Ministry)

Well, I have good intentions of bringing you up to speed about our Holy Week activities, but it may take a little bit.  Lemme give you the short version:

Tuesday:  I gave us a break on the production.  At dinner, Daddy's Girl read (from Little Prince's Bible) the story of the woman washing Jesus' feet.  I loved having her participate.

Wednesday:  This is always an insane day for us and I couldn't seem to get focused and get anything accomplished!  I did gather the brood and read them about the plot against Jesus and from Romans about our sin.  (I can't wait to read "but the Gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!")  Then we went outside with our little plastic bags and began gathering stones to put in the blessing baskets to represent our sin.  We talked about sin, who has "less" and what sins we deal with.  It was an interesting conversation.  We haven't  painted them yet and may not even get to.  No biggie.

Today is Maudy Thursday.  Such an important day with so many significant events. 
How are we celebrating this morning?  
Running errands.  Yup.  We are just that spiritual.  I've got to get shoes for Sunshine, pants for Little Prince and a gift for Daddy's Girl and LP.  Oh, and eggs for tonight. 

I am excited though.  We are going over to some good friends house for dinner, dyeing eggs and a foot washing.  Lord help us to remember to put the eggs in the dye and not our feet!  This family has some characters too, so it should provide plenty of blogging fodder between all of us!  

May you have a grateful day for all that He endured just for you.  

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