Sunday, August 8, 2010


As if getting ready for back to school wasn't crazy enough, why do I even try to go to make Wal-Mart a part of it?

And really it wasn't even the lack of the supplies on Daddy's Girl's list that got me irked.  It's the complete inability for the "savings place" to keep normal everyday items stocked.  I was just trying to buy this month's groceries.  But it really IS too much for me to ask that you have Kleenex in stock.  I know.  I mean, teachers only ask for them EVERY year.  So, I apologize for the four-letter words I attached to your name as I pushed your crappy buggy through your unimpressively remodeled store.  Especially when I got to the baby wipe aisle and my brand was completely gone.  In fact most of them were gone.  I mean, do you know why people need wipes.  For poo!  So if you don't have wipes, you have unwiped poo!  This does not a happy customer make.

So Wal-Mart, instead of spending ungodly amounts on changing your color scheme and putting in new spinny thingamabobs for your onion-skin thin plastic bags that tear with the slightest provocation (whew), how about you invest a little into management training so that folks know how to keep shelves stocked properly and precious checkout personnel know how to put more than just my box of rice in the aforementioned worthless bags (because frankly, I just can't have any extra bags in my house and I do not have time to recycle them.)   Because folks, I'm looking for shopping to be a pleasure, and if you can't deliver we all know who can. 


  1. We feel your pain! Really, we do! We made the mistake of dropping by Walmart at Skyland tonight to get toothache medicine and a 24 pk of Coca Cola. Big Mistake!!!!!

    As soon as we walked in-no carts, except one that didn't move worth a crappola. There were so many people in line it made me dizzy. We couldn't even move through the piles of people. Forget 20 items every customer had at least 50 items.

    We walked out. So much for my toothache medicine. Guess I'll use almond extract again-at least that works just fine.

  2. Ugh, yes. I dislike Wal-Mart immensely. I wrote a post about their lack of good customer service. You can read it here if you'd like:

    If you have a target, or really anything else, I would highly recommend it :-)


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