Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It went a little somethin' like this...

Every mother knows there are some days when you are just spent.

Today was that day for me.

Two stir crazy toddlers (when will it be warm again?), one unbelievable chatty pre-pre-teen (yes friends, I do sense the justice here), Christmas shopping (and the worst, my own personal abyss of decision making-internet shopping), a peeved-off husband (who fortunately for him and me was able to work out of town) and an irritating cold have left me performing at less than my personal best.

You will not see pictures of this day posted on my Facebook for your admiration and applause I assure you.

So tonight, after spending 30 extra quality minutes with Daddy's girl before bedtime, I began the process of getting her to bed. She is an absolute pro at prolonging this.

She crawled in bed and here is how it went:

(DG) "Wait, I need my blanket." Grabs blanket from beside her bed.
I begin pulling sheets, blankets and bedspreads over her.
(DG) "My hair is still wet. We should have dried it."
I pull the blanket over her slightly damp mane.
(QM) "Look! I've been on duty as Mommy since about 6:30 this morning (falsehood-it was about 7) and it is now 9 o'clock and although I think this job is the greatest job on earth I'm sick and I'm tired."
(DG) "That's about..."
(QM) "Over twelve hours and I'm beat! Now pray for me!"
(DG) giggling "Dear God. Thank you for my Mommy. And even though she gets a little mad sometimes, she's still awesome."


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