Sunday, October 11, 2009

Moses, quit eating the paste!

On Sundays, our family huddles up with other believers in our area for a time to worship corporately.  Just like at most churches, there is an opportunity to worship through what our church calls, "extended session."  It is a time where you assist very small people with their own 
"corporate worship" and enjoy some snacks and playtime too.  

Today was our opportunity to hang with the toddlers.  As I called out instruction, praise and comfort to the various little ones (many who are named after Bible heros) I had to wonder if it ever sounded like this in the OT nursery...

"Joshua, we don't push our friends down." 

"Elijah, do not put your goldfish in your water."  

"Shadrach, do not crawl on the table."  

"Isaac, don't cry.  Pop will be here to get you soon."  

Who knows?  But I am sure excited to see what these little ones do as they grow and fulfill their precious purpose.  However I cannot imagine how cramming one another into the play oven has anything to do with it.


  1. That Shadrach....he's always on the table when I serve too! :-)

  2. Shadrach was just trying to show the other kids what Meshach, Abednego and he went through in the day.


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