Sunday, November 1, 2009

My "old man"

Wow!  Today was a great day for so many reasons.  The battle of "Tribe" Hill, a week-long standoff between Mr. Wonderful and I is over.  Pastor L brought some clarity to some of my issues in his AM sermon--love the Expectation Psychology example!!!--and I just wanted to bear hug the precious people in small group this morning for their "amazingness" and transparency.   We had lunch with great friends and even though I didn't get my mandatory Sunday nap, I was in a pretty good mood.

Mr. W and I go to Pastor L's sunday night service where he expounds, in a more intimate setting, on the mornings thoughts.  During tonight's message he was talking about maturity as being comfortable with who you are.  I turned to my husband and said, "That makes me two."   PT went on to talk about loving the company of senior adults because they know who they are and aren't concerned with impressing you.  He went on to talk about how they would flat out tell you what they think, to which Mr. W replied, "That makes me 80."  My question, how did we ever get together?  God is funny.  You've got to know that!

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