Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 2

"Seldom, very seldom, does complete truth belong to any human disclosure; seldom can it happen that something is not a little disguised, or a little mistaken." Jane Austin

I love this quote. I am a person who loves the truth and struggles with wanting to be completely honest and yet getting to complete transparency with others is a frightening prospect. (had to stop, take Little Prince to potty, get stars and "tweats," start "Go, Potty, Go" and grab a second cup of coffee. Back to writing. What was I saying, oh yeah.") This tendency is most likely the reason that I have stopped and started writing so many times. After writing a few lines, I tend to look at it going, "Is that really the way it is or do I just want to seem like that is how it is?" Most people wouldn't think twice about it and maybe everyone is truly transparent. But now that I have posted Ms. Austin's "disclaimer" perhaps I can be a little more free with my blogs (although that could be scary!). I guess the question is "how much honesty do people really want?"


  1. people want to know honesty if they ask for it...otherwise...they don't want to know...that's my take...with possibly both the good and the bad...good honesty often embarrasses me!!! bad honesty...even more than often makes me cry...especially when i didn't ask for it!! like that time in the 7th grade when that cute boy asked me what was on my face...IT'S BLUE EYELINER!!!!!!! what do you think....JERK!?! yet, it was probably good...because i don't think you'd be my friend if i still wore blue eyeliner!! (i wouldn't be my friend either)...and when you're being self-honest, well, does it come across as cocky when it's good honesty? does it come across as debbie downer and uncomfortable when it's bad honesty? and does it come across as totally bi-polar and crazy when it's both?! i don't know...(want to blog about that?)...these kind of thoughts run rampant (like the staph once did in my foot) in my mind before they can even come out my fingers onto whatever screen i'm looking at...urg!

    conclusion: honesty about others is good when it's sought...and that phrase about love...crap, i can't remember that's not "said in love" but it's something along those lines...i hope i can remember without having to go through a bunch of emails where i have used it before...anyways...if you say something and there's not also friendship or love attached then it's probably not so good...and if you can't also say something nice (about yourself too) then the critical honesty should be kept in the word file rather than publicly blogged about.......I THINK....on the other hand...i still live on 12th street

    anywho...what a profound topic! and one that resonates!

  2. oh goodness....and who knows what you were even going for on this one!!!! ha! my poor mind...i don't know how it deals


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