Sunday, December 6, 2009

Watch for an Mr. Wonderful on a burro

Not really sure if there will be a transplant of large automotive vitals or a burial of our tried and true Camry.  But tonight what we have feared for quite some time has happened.  It died.  So now, we wait.  It's not a big surprise, mind you.  The precious hunk of metal has over 250,000 miles on it, but now?  Seriously?

In other news, it looks like both of the little ones may also have pneumonia.  So tomorrow morning means a trip with both of them to the Dr. in order to get a diagnosis and/or catch the swine flu.  Daddy's Girl has to prepare and teach a lesson to her class on French Christmas traditions on Wednesday and the way things are going I'm feeling like a visit to the French Quarter might be the best way to research.  Can I get a witness?! Christmas decorations are still laying all over the floors and how the boxes will make it to the attic, I just couldn't tell ya, but they have to because I'm having a party for Un Chaz's graduation on Saturday.  

Now at this point of the rant I have a few choices:
1.  Turn it into a meaningful, thought provoking reflection on how these things work to make us stronger,
2. Bitch and moan some more, or
3. Find a way to put a funny little anecdote in here to make it less awkward for you to read.

I think I'll go with 4.  Let you end it however you wish.  Gnight all.  

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