Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Hello! Is this thing on?"

My oldest two children love to play games together like puppies, reindeer (because it was Christmas of course), horses, etc. These require one of them to be tied by a sash, rope or any such implement and RUN all over the house. Well, as you all know we mothers cannot have children running around the house. Why? (All Queen Mothers together..."Someone is going to get hurt!")

So, this afternoon Daddy's Girl and Little Prince are at it again. Tied to each other at the waist by DG's Pink Flowergirl sash, they somehow collide, sending LP to the floor to bite his lip. Cue crying and enter the Queen Mother to assess the damage. The damage was minimal, and so I commence with Mommy Speech #439 about how no one is going to tie anyone to anyone or anything ever again. Then I hear DG ask as she follows behind me from room to room, "So, do you know how to tie, like, a lasso like for horses and stuff?" Aughhhhhhhhhhh!

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  1. What is it about playing "doggies" that is SO annoying?! I think we are past this stage, but clearly you have a ways to go.


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