Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a list of things you didn't ask to know

This is a great list that I stole from a great blog I have started following, (What a great name!)

I am
: not nearly as complex as I think I am.
I think: too much about things that do not matter.
I know: my name. And some days, that's the best I can do.
I want: my kids to know Christ more than I can ever tell.
I wish: that I could take a girls-only trip with some of my favorite gals. (Maybe when the kids are older!)
I hate: my poor self-image.
I miss: opportunities to serve everyday.
I fear: roaches. They are an abomination.
I feel: deeply and passionately.
I hear: a soundtrack to each day in my head.
I smell: not so great sometimes. I'm a mother of toddlers, sometimes it's a day or so between showers. (I'm just saying.)
I crave: attention and affirmation.
I search: for missing socks on an ongoing basis.
I wonder: if my husband still gets weak when I kiss him.
I regret: not talking longer to my Dad the last time.
I love: to teach.
I ache: after "running."
I care: about many issues and I love Jesus, however you will not see me post something on my facebook status or e-mail something to prove it.
I always: eat more than I should.
I am not: satisfied to stay as I am.
I believe: that God has more for me than I embrace.
I dance: very poorly.
I sing: silly songs to make Daddy's Girl laugh.
I cry: ugly, loud and full-body.
I don't always: listen to everything you are saying.
I fight: mean.
I write: different than I speak.
I lose: track of how many times a day my name is called. (But I love the voices.)
I never: want to forget how blessed I am.
I confuse: chocolate for fruits and vegetables all the time.
I listen: to music to match my mood.
I can usually be found: if I am lost.
I am scared: that my house always smells like diapers.
I need: my children to know that marriage can still be passionate after 13 years.
I am happy about: some things more than others.
I hope: this list hasn't bored you.


  1. I saw this too and thought it was fun. Great list!

  2. Aw, I feel like I know you from this! :)

    I feel the same way about not having to post something on fb or send out some chain email to prove that I love the Lord.


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