Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Start Something!

The word "start" is on my radar, as a precious friend is apt to put it.

Does anyone else ever feel absolutely overwhelmed with all that looms out there needing to be done?

I know that some of you are absolute, organized go-getters. When you get the bill, the leak, the "check engine" light, you scurry off to do what must be done to take care of it.

But I believe in the vast world of "out there" (gee, I've got a lot of "" marks today!), that there might be one other person like me that shoots so unbelievably high that the thought of getting started is daunting to say the least. And so instead of getting anything done, I whip up a treat of chocolate chips and peanut butter and hunker-down in front of some screen to hide.

Well, I think we just need to start. Something.

For example, when we became a one-income family, we had to make changes. They needed to be big changes. But we had to just start somewhere. Not going out to eat was our start, I think. Now we are beginning to see our sacrifices pay off.

Our yard is a landscaping disaster. Neither Mr. Wonderful nor I are gifted in horticulture, or anything slightly resembling, but after seven-yes seven-years of hiding from the wilderness that is our back yard, we just had to start cutting down some stuff and we hope that beauty follows. We actually let the kids play out there this fall without fear some woodland creature would scoop them up and run off with them.

The house, oh dear. In our minds, we know what we like. We know what we should do. We know we can't afford all these things. But to make it more of "our home" (more "'s) we have to start on something...paint, repair, pick up! We have ousted most of the things we don't like or need and are hoping to take baby steps toward repair in the near future.

I guess I just needed to say that I am finding comfort in the word start. Because starting somethings always leads to something, and I'm hoping that my "starts" will snowball into "finishes."

So today, START:
• cleaning a drawer
• writing a letter
• pulling a weed
• paying a little more on a debt
• reading a verse in the Bible or a page of a book
• saying one less negative thing to your spouse
• playing for five minutes with your kids
• cooking a new recipe
• smiling at one new person a day
• walking 5 minutes

Whatever your end goal, take a tiny step and begin.

I will too.
(And yes, I realize that I have channeled my inner self-help guru on this post...laugh if you must.)

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