Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things that are "on my radar"

How the heck does someone from Indonesia find my blog?
Seriously, I am just giddy that people who don't live within 15 minutes of me have found it! I think it is super cool to think that anyone other than my sweet Momma would want to read anything I have to say. I love it! This is one of the most fabulous things to me about blogging. Thanks to friends new and old that actually read this crazy stuff. (As we say here, "Bless your heart!")

Am I just a closet narcissist?
Blogging has caused me to really look inward. Yikes! I am very introspective by nature, and so I tend to dissect every post to see why I'm even out here. Thanks to those who have had such gracious comments about the blog. It gives me a good perspective for writing.

The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve.
Seriously, the principle of service is ringing in my ears. I had good ol' Oswald Chambers bring it up not once, but twice to me yesterday. It's to the point where I want to go, "ok, ok. I get it." But I don't. But I'm trying.

Life is so precious and so short. Eternity is, well, eternity.
There have been several deaths of friends loved ones here lately. And then there was the precious story of little Lacey Grace, a two-year-old with very little time left, that I read last night. These things have brought home the importance of every moment, every action, every word. And living life for the reality of eternity, not the illusion of today.

Beige is boring, and I am not a decision-maker.
On a little less heavy note, I'm ready for some color in our home. However, I have been smacked in the face with my deficiencies as a decorator. I'm hoping for some precious friend to come along side me and guide me out of my indecision. (And poo on all of you little diy blogs with all your fantastic ideas...I am overwhelmed!)

So there you go. Those are just a few of the gagillion thoughts I am mulling over in my tiny little brain. What is on your "radar?"

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  1. I popped on by to say thanks for visiting my blog on my special SITS day, it is much appreciated! love the adorable names for your family


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