Thursday, June 16, 2011

20 Random Thoughts from a Mom Hopped up on Dt. Coke

1.  Pesto.  Dear Lord, I love it!

2.  Thinks my girlfriends are the greatest.  I don't know who yours are, but mine are better.  I promise.

3.   I am a complete failure right now when it comes to focus.   I cannot follow through on any one project in my home.

4.  Indian women (at least in the movies) have the most gorgeous hair.  I googled their secret and since I don't have coconut oil have been substituting olive oil.  Toss me with some lettuce and I'm a salad.

5.  I am loving the stage Daddy's Girl is in right now.  She is hilarious and loves to hang out with me.  Holding onto this stage with Chuck Norris fierceness.

6.  My husband's current employment has begun taking effect on his body.  In a good way.  I may never let him go back to a desk job.

7.  My husband's current employment has begun taking effect on his body.  In a bad way.  It is possible that he will be using a walker before he is 45.

8.  I am so glad that blogger randomly saves your post or else this one would have been history.  You may not be so grateful.

9.  I think of about 5 different things to blog about everyday, but by the time everyone is in bed I cannot write my own name.

10.  Every time I have been in Target lately the guy that gets in line behind me is one of those that makes you involuntarily go, "Oh.  My!"  Involuntarily.  I may not go to Target anymore. 

11.  There is no point in vacuuming anymore.  Instead I think I will just get up in the morning and sprinkle crushed cereal or goldfish all over the carpets.

12.  Mr. Wonderful installed a chain lock on the back door without being prodded.  I love him more every time I look at it.

13.  It appears I am going back to work, and I can't figure out how to work miracles on a grocery budget or knows all the tricks for removing red dirt stains into my resume.  I also know the exact amount of holding time a diaper has before it leaks and I can drive to Florida and back with only one hand on the wheel and the other serving snacks and beverages to all the passengers in coach of the minivan like the most talented airline attendant, however that has not appeared on any of the job descriptions I have seen.

14.  I would not stomp my feet and huff near as much if God would just SHOW me the plan.

15.  God does not have to SHOW me the plan.

16.  Mom's of preschoolers can only tan their arms.  Never their legs.  Even when in a bathing suit.

17.  I carefully guarding my birthday money until my dear friend/college roomate/stylist can get to town to help me shop.  I do not trust myself.

18.  There are moments of brilliant discoveries every day.  My friend just told me that BullFrog has a sunscreen/bugspray combo.  This deserves some sort of award.

19. While looking at a job application, I was asked to fill in the month/DAY/and year for each of my past employment start and stop dates.  Are you kidding me?  I couldn't remember Little Prince and Sunshine's birthdates while filling out paperwork the other day.  Seriously. 

20.  You may or may not know I have an obsession with India and Indian movies, but you must know that when my little stats domaflodger tells me that I have had people from India view my blog I am absolutely euphoric!  Shout out!

I have missed writing.  I still have Dt. Coke left.  See you soon!

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