Friday, June 17, 2011

There is no twelve step program...

The premise of a blog is that I can write about what I like, right?

Ok, you knew it was coming.

Bollywood movies.  

I'm sorry, but they are like crack to me.  
My family and friends are about ready for an intervention.  

One of my favorites 
(and one that Mr. Wonderful will admit is pretty good) 
is I Hate Luv Storys.

It stars Imran Khan

and Sonam Kapoor
(Gee, wonder why Mr.  Wonderful doesn't mind watching.)

The premise is that this guy, Jay (played by Khan), is trying to get into the film industry, but hates working on the predictable love stories with which Bollywood is often associated.  The girl, Simran (played by Kapoor), is a set designer and is all about the love story.  (Basically, it is Mr. Wonderful and I, minus the film industry careers.)  Simran's betrothed, Raj, is the absolute perfect leading man in her own real life version.  Until (duhm, duhm, duhm) she meets Jay.  It is pretty much like most Hollywood chick-flicks, but with music and, did I mention,

Imran Khan.

I've been a big musical fan ever since I was a little girl.  I was raised on them.  And in Bollywood, it is all about the music and dance.  It's like the 30's and 40's in Hollywood for me all over again.  Of course Rosemary Clooney never bellydanced or wore a sari 
and Gene Kelly never smoldered or sang in Hindi.  
But anyway, here's a sample from the movie.  Judge for yourself.

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