Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marketing sells

(Disclaimer:  This is a post I wrote a month or so ago.)

We have all seen the commercials.

And ladies, I'm going to tell you that is pretty much how it goes. 
Can I get a witness?
I can survive all day on a banana and cup of yogurt,
but when the kiddos go to bed and I'm left alone in front of the TV,
oh mercy! 


Well, I happened to have a coupon for Special K
and they were BOGO this week at Publix,
so I took a shot at it and I will say...pretty stinkin' good.

I mean, the chocolate doesn't taste just like chocolate, but the flakes are crunchy, sweet
and just chocolaty enough to get me over my craving.
I love to eat it without milk because, well, it lasts longer
and I need my snack to last through the entire show or at least 3/4 of my movie (testify?).  

So this little snack has captured my heart.
For about 120-150 calories I can munch away and not go to bed feeling completely defeated. 
Now I just need extra coupons,
because I have a feeling that this affection
is not going to wane anytime soon.
(hint, hint Kellogg's)

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