Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I didn't know laminate came in extra crunchy

An absolute fact of the parenting universe is that normal household items take on a new texture and look post-children.

My floors.
That's right.  And all you parents of pre-schoolers are living it and those of you who have already raised your little ones are having flashbacks just reading this.

Goldfish, graham crackers and, of course, Cheerios.  God bless them.

You get up to make your coffee and feel that crunch under your feet and you don't even have to look.
You know that what was 2 seconds ago a simple "lean over and pick up", is now a "get out the broom or dust buster."

No matter how much I sweep or vacuum, it is all in vain as my toddlers, like modern-day Hansel & Gretel, leave a trail of whatever snack they were consuming throughout the house.

I've tried to fight it, but I am convinced it is a battle I just won't win.  And they know it too, those little orange fish.  That's why they are smiling.

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