Monday, October 5, 2009

Your career profile says "Orderly"

Lately we have been working the delicate balance of allowing Little Prince to be a little boy and yet teaching the social responsibilities of not waylaying all your friends and family.  This has been especially exasperating at church since we don't often witness his "playfulness" firsthand.    And we don't really get a clear picture when we ask him what he did in his class that day since his usual response to our inquiries is, "I push people."  In fact, tonight after putting him to bed, singing a few songs and thanking God for each member of our family and their chairs (not kidding) and markers and the table, I was making my exit, hand on the door knob when I heard again,
"Yes LP."
"I push people."

Who knows, perhaps somewhere down the line this will be a very vital life skill.  I'm trying to  remain optimistic.


  1. Just practicing for his days in the NFL as a defensive lineman...or something like that.

  2. No, he has a career as a life coach ahead (whatever that is).

    It's called "motivation".

    Scrap that, it's called "pushing", just hope it isn't "shoving".


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