Monday, December 7, 2009

Only 15 minutes left

Monday is almost over and I'm about to miss another day of my self-proclaimed 25 days of blogging. Don't have much to tell today. My Little Prince has RSV. Sweet Sunshine has another ear infection (anyone see tubes in her future?). And the Camry needs a new motor. I think I'll get Mr. Wonderful fuzzy dice while were at it.

Went to Walgreens (no hypnotic music playing like in the commercial), but as I wandered the aisles I thought...
...I think I might look like an exotic dancer if I used the Bumpit (from the neck up I mean).
...Fake Drakar? Really? If you are still using Drakar at this point, I say spring for the real stuff.
...This box cutter laying open on the shelf is really not a good idea. Especially with all the pseudoephedrines lining the pharmacy shelf behind the very low wall that could easily be jumped by a junkie with a box cutter. (I promptly delivered it to the lady behind the photo counter.)
...I wonder if I could be a silver if I washed with that rinse in shampoo? Just for a day or so.

Anyway, that's about it as I sit here by my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree and tap out my blog. Wow! Ten minutes left...

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  1. Found a box cutter on a table set at Sam's Club last week. I detect a recurring theme here.


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