Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ann Taylor doesn't like chubby girls, so I'm not letting her in my club.

Ever see motorcycles driving down the road, and they've got those little "trunks" on either side. Now, even though I don't know the technical term for these things, they look pretty convenient, something nice to have. Well, my body is shaped somewhat like that, with a little extra storage space down around the side and I'm gonna just say that it is anything but convenient.

I am also 5'2". Now in pretty much any fashion department that calls for the petite/short/ankle length. Because when you are 5'2" and you buy regular jeans you are gonna be stompin' on some denim from now until doomsday unless you get short girl jeans. The problem arises in the fashion industry's definition of what a petite girl is built like. Lemme just inform you folks that it isn't "mother of 3 that has had a little trouble ridding herself of said baby weight and tends to carry it in the thigh regions." I'm just sayin. It's more like a waif-ish. And waif-ish, I'm not. Finding a pair of jeans after you have had children is actually MORE difficult than giving birth to said children, and one of mine got stuck. So there! (And to all you little skinny mommas with your skinny straight jeans and cute little cardigans and ballet flats, even if I love ya, there is a tiny part of me that is still miffed.)

But I digress, this has been a great week out here in blogger world and I'm enjoying so much all the things I'm learning. Thanks to all the new people reading it and for the feedback. Keep it comin'. And tomorrow I'll work on not being so bitter. (Stupid jeans.)


  1. Yes, Tara. I stupidly tried on a pair of pencil looking skinny jeans at the mall yesterday and looked like a marshmellow trying to walk around. Not a good self-esteem booster after having a baby. (Stupid jeans for sure)

  2. My problem is with maternity jeans right now. I've outgrown my regular jeans now at 21 weeks, but the maternity jeans are still too big. I am stomping all over my denim right this moment, 'cause I'd much, MUCH rather breathe in the too big jeans than suffocate in the too tight ones.

  3. Stupid skinny people......and stupid skinny jeans for REAL people with REAL shape.


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