Saturday, March 13, 2010

Funnel cake and a sea cow

I love a good festival.  I mean, a good festival.  So while we were in Tampa, I was so excited to find out that it was time for the Plant City Strawberry Festival.  We actually have a history with the PCSF.  After all, Mr. Wonderful rode in the parade in complete strawberry-red polyester suit and white shoes back in 1970-something.  

However, my recommendation that we attend said festival was completely shot down by the rest of the decision-making adults.  So I conceded and agreed to whatever family-fun activities were decided upon, and the activity was manatee viewing.  I had no idea what to expect.   

So the next morning we began the process of packing up the crew of 5 children to go view the sea-cows.  But when we arrived at said viewing "sanctuary" (which I will touch on shortly), what did we find?  It is Manatee Festival time!!!!  Bwahahahahaha!  I win!  I win!  I win!

However, the joke was on me.  the recent heavy rains caused marsh-like conditions and the fam decided that it wasn't worth $5 per adult to end up ankle deep in the mud for a couple of hours.  
So off to view manatees, which are I believe one of God's ugliest creatures.  He loves them I'm sure.  But they are ugly.  And apparently they like to vacation at Cherynoble-like destinations. (see pic).
 I am praying my kids don't grow a third ear or something.  

We did get to see a bunch of the manatee,s and the kids were delighted.  We also got to wave at the air like fools so that my brother, who is in another state, could see us waving like fools at the air and laugh at us.  Apparently there is a world cam somewhere in the vicinity although we are still not sure where.  

All in all it was a fun experience and we ended the day with dinner at a fantastic Cuban restaurant, which I enjoyed so much that I will let dinner count as a festival.  So there. 

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  1. Mmmm, a strawberry festival....sounds yummy! Maybe you'll get to go another time!


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