Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's because I'm the oldest, isn't it?

(With me it is either feast or famine.  I haven't written in over a week and now I have lots to share.  I promised a precious friend I would share a story so here it goes.   It's really more of a rant.) 

I love my sister.  I love God.  But sometimes I think they get together to pick on me.  

My sister and I are from the same set of parents.  

I had my third child over a year ago.

She had her second child less than a year ago.

This past week we went to visit she and her family for Spring Break.  While talking to my sister before leaving on our journey, she told me,

"Yeah, I've got some pants for you when you come down.  I was going to put them with my maternity clothes, but then I thought you could use them (can you picture my face?).  They were my "transition pants." (Interpretation for anyone who doesn't know:  that means fat pants for right after giving birth).

I love her, I really do, but was pretty much ready to bomb her with eclairs at this point.  

But the best part was getting to her house and trying on the pants.  And I'm sure you already guessed...they didn't fit.  

How is this right?  There should be a law.  I'm just sayin'.  


  1. Heck, my little sister who has given birth to not two, but THREE boys, wears a stupid size 4. And to top it off, she eats ice cream or cookies every night! Oh, and her thyroid STILL works, to boot.

  2. I love you sis, even if "you talkin' bout me!" :)


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