Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I had to ask.

I love fall.

I love the leaves on the ground. I love the cool in the air. I love the socialization of football season in our football-crazed town. I love fall festivals. Arts, crafts, funnel cake, pickin' & grinnin' and being outdoors. I...LOVE...IT!

Last weekend our tribe plus Fancy Nana were invited to join some friends at a fall festival and of course I couldn't resist! (Plus it was a great change of pace from last week, sheeze!)

So off we went to "festival." (Yes, it is a verb.)

On our way down country highways I, as a good, experiencially driven mother, pointed out the various sights to my wee ones.
"Look at the horses!"
"Kids, do you see the cotton growing?"
"Oh guys, do you see the river and the old bridge?"

And then I pointed out, per the sign before the bridge we were about to cross,
"Oh look! We are going over a creek."
"That's not a creek," informed Daddy's Girl. "That's a lagoon."
"Well, what is the difference between a creek and a lagoon?" I asked.

She is her father's daughter.

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