Monday, January 24, 2011

A Tale of Two (Pairs of) Boots Part I

My first story begins with a fantastic pair of high-heel, to-the-knee, tan leather, Nine West boots. They may have possibly changed my life forever.

Over the summer and early fall, I lost some weight. Enough that I NEEDED some new clothes for winter. After Mr. Wonderful's sudden lay-off, a new wardrobe wasn't really in the budget.

Enter my former college roommate, present dear friend and forever fashion fairy. Upon seeing said weight-loss, she offered me some of the clothes that she felt she no longer needed. I was quick to accept, since she has always been infinitely cooler than me and a fabulous dresser.

After arriving at her house and going through the clothes she was giving me, she walked me back to her closet and began rummaging through the floor and pulled out "The Boots" and handed them to me.

Now, I NEEDED some winter shoes. But I WANTED some sassy boots. See the difference?

I was beyond ecstatic. These aren't just boots. They are serious, women-stop-me-in-public-to-compliment-them boots. And she just handed them to me. Wow! (Another post is necessary to explain the level of generosity here in letting me use these!)

On to the point. When I got home, I was so excited about my treasures that I couldn't wait to try them all on. Well, Mr. Wonderful could care less, but Daddy's Girl is a true fashionista and was so excited about the clothes. But the first thing I tried on was "The Boots."

I ran into the den with my sundress and knee-high boots and posed, waiting for her response. "Wow! Mom!" She thought they were awesome.

But what was really awesome was being able to share with her, "Daddy's Girl, God ALWAYS provides what we NEED. But the neat thing is, sometimes, He gives us our WANTS too. Even more than we could even imagine!" (This entire jobless season has provided an abundance of teachable moments for all of us!)

Now, providing me with sassy boots is not the greatest thing God does for me by any stretch of the imagination. Similarly, when I give my children Skittles or some treat, it certainly is not the most important expression of love or nurturing I do for them. But it brings them great delight and I love them and I love to spoil them sometimes just because THEY ARE MINE AND ARE PRECIOUS.

You see the point?

At this time in our journey, God was saying to me, "You don't have to worry about what is going to happen during this period of uncertainty. I am showing you that I can take care of you and if I want you to have more than you ever imagined, you will. And if this is what I can do for your footwear, imagine what I can do in things that really matter."

How rich!


  1. my favorite line is "just because they are mine and they are precious" Such a beautiful reminder of how our Savior feels about us!


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