Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's Happening...(or was)

Note: This post is from a couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow's post will tell, as Paul Harvey put it, "the rest of the story."

(Overused Blogger statement) It feels like I haven't written in forever.

There is lots going on in my world that probably is less than impressive in yours. But for those who might be interested/bored/procrastinating I will give you a rundown of what is on the radar (in installments)


We have entered a very cool (and exhausting!) phase.

Daddy's Girl
and I have really bonded over the last month or so and I am loving it! She likes to have me around. Thinks my clothes are cool (see post about cool college-roomate's hand-me-downs). Wanted her hair cut like mine and wants to study the Bible. I'm lovin' it! And I'm soaking it all in for when the next phase hits.

Little Prince is just that. So charming. He loves his momma and is very tenderhearted. On the flip-side of that, he in incessant with every request, has ceased voluntarily taking a nap and cries at the drop of a hat. Oh, and he is obsessed with Leapster and Crash Bandicoot which he calls "the wolf game." He talks a lot with his hands (like me) and teaches me so much about prayer.

Sunshine has come into her own. She is full-force whatever the emotion. She is not easily swayed from her stance and will let you know in a second if she is not happy with you. She is a pretty funny chick and much to her father's delight, is great with physical comedy. She adores her older siblings and has picked up on so many of their attitudes and sayings. For whatever reason she thinks the phrase "stinky diaper" is the funniest thing ever.

We are at that stage in family life where the house is never clean. In fact, Mr. Wonderful have pretty much thrown up the white flag . Every time we clean something up, some knee-knocker in another room pulls some multi-piece something-or-another onto the floor and proceeds to find a crayon or lip gloss from goodness only knows where and express their inner Monet all over a wall or door jam. Or our pre-pre-teen leaves a trail of bookbag-shoes-socks and 10 changes of clothes all over the place. It is pretty much a 24-hour cycle of, "Not until you clean up (insert disaray here)!" or "You will not get another thing to eat until you finish (insert somewhat healthy food here)!"

But, there is a lot of laughter too. Great conversations and traditions forming. It is a season. And I will take it.

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