Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Coffee-Mate,

This is not a good day for you, especially your PR/Marketing folks.

Social Media created quite a frenzy for you with your Free Flavor Friday. But somehow things went terribly wrong.

Thousands of coffee-crazy individuals and saving-savvy shoppers sat anxiously at their computers at 8:59 am Pacific time (which is 10:58 am Central Time-I did have to Google it), and they waited for the roll of the clock.

And waited.

And waited.

And then the same Social Media that brought you the same warm feelings, as does that darkly-colored beverage that you adorn, brought you scorn.

You promised. You did not deliver.

Epic PR Fail.

By now everyone has told everyone and you have a long day ahead of you of sending out something to make it right. (And really, another day of us sitting in front of our computers probably isn't going to cut it.)

So I suggest you do something that proves that you are truly heartbroken to have disappointed us or else we may be forced to seek comfort in another creamy-non-dairy coffee lightener.

It's just my opinion. Well, mine and a few other thousand peeved-off Facebook users. (There Mr. Wonderful, I changed it.)

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  1. Sure glad I missed all that...must have had my head under a rock!


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